How Big is the Gospel You Believe and Proclaim?
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“Caesar’s life is his message. I know what he communicates has been worked out in the white hot arena of a life well-lived.”
– Alan Hirsch
, Author
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Why Do I Need a Bigger Gospel?
The gospel is NOT just about your afterlife, and Christianity is NOT a program in sin management. But too often, we’ve made it just that small.

Have you ever wished you could share your Christian faith with others in a natural way without feeling awkward or preachy?

Have you longed for a faith that touched down more than just Sunday-to-Sunday leading up to one long afterlife?

Then you need a bigger gospel.

The gospel is truly good news for our marriages, parenting, finances and identity. And you can grow in your ability to naturally and confidently speak, live and enjoy the gospel in every area of life. This is called ‘Gospel Fluency’.

Bigger Gospel will help you develop the confidence and grace to speak the truth in love–first to your self–and then with others, in a way that is truly good news. 

Evangelism will no longer be a weird or stressful sales pitch and your discipleship and conversations will be supercharged with good news.
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"If there was ever a legitimate time to offer a new pathway for being a Christ-follower it is now.”
–Hugh Halter, Author

"Caesar challenges us to see that the Christian life is more than a state of mind, it is a way of life that begins with a transformed heart of love."
–Ed Stetzer, Author, Church Planter
“Caesar’s insight and experience bring together a rare combination of theology and practice.”
–Dave Rhodes, Pastor, Author, Consultant

Bigger Gospel:
A Practical Guide For Growing in Gospel Fluency
What People Are Saying About Bigger Gospel
Inside of This FREE Book, Here Are Some of the Insights and Secrets to Gospel Fluency You’ll Be Getting...

Quotes from pages... 
  • In order to be effectively equipped or teach others to be “fluent” in the gospel, we will need to create a culture where it is normal to speak the gospel to each other regularly–naturally. Pg. 2
  • Every sin and issue that stands in the way of our faithfulness to God’s design and Jesus’ commands is ultimately a gospel issue. Since all sin is the outcome of unbelief in God, we can learn to apply the truth about him and the Good News to every area of our lives. Pg. 3
  • Problems with evangelism and discipleship (and life in community, for that matter) all stem from having a gospel that is too small. Either that, or we do not know how to communicate it in “real time” in a way that is truly good news. Pg. 3
  • Christians don’t share their faith with any regularity because they somehow know that they are not all that fluent in the gospel. What they have to say does not sound like very good news. Almost no one I know sets out to look and sound stupid or be rejected. Pg. 9 
  • God doesn't see you as the person who used to do this or that. Like, “That's my daughter and I saved her from a bunch of bad stuff and choices... But she doesn’t do that anymore." The Bible says that in Christ, that's all been forgiven and put away as far as the East is from the West and God chooses not to even remember it. Pg. 37
  • Our hearts are like idol factories; we hardly go a moment without placing our hope or trust in something or someone other than Jesus to fulfill us or make us whole. We can learn to identify the idols of the heart that seek to control us, and speak gospel truth into those dark and destructive beliefs and desires. Pg. 54
Gospel Fluency
And That's JUST The First 54 Pages... You'll Also Learn My Step-by-Step Process for Speaking the Good News into Every Area of Life and So Much More!

More of What People Are Saying 
"I am so glad Caesar Kalinowski has shared with us the insights that have helped to transform so many people in his ministry through the years.”
 –Reggie McNeal, Author

“Caesar Kalinowski is such a wise teacher!”
–Jen Hatmaker, Author of “7” and “For the Love”

“Caesar's true, powerful stories remind us of the beauty of our birthright, showing us how we can have the life that we were created to live.”
–Jon Tyson, Pastor, Church planter, Author
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3. This will change your life and family forever. I am super-confident that after reading BIGGER GOSPEL, you’ll feel more alive, free to share your faith in Christ, and have the ability to speak the Good News of the gospel into the hopes, fears and lives of those you love. That’s powerful!
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“Caesar takes "missional" out of the abstract and shows you exactly what it looks like.” – Bartley Sawatsky, Teaching Pastor
"Caesar has a rare talent of taking complex ideas and expressing them in truly simple ways, especially when it comes to applying the gospel to everyday life."  – Tim Catchim, Author, Pastor
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